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Plan your San Francisco trip with trusted locals in minutes

Stay up to date with the best trip ideas for your vacation in San Francisco!

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Custom. Local. Effortless.


Design your custom trip to SF

We all have our own travel styles. Whether you’re looking to relax with your morning coffee or close out the local bar, you can work with our San Francisco trip designers to customize your perfect trip. We strive to know every inch of the city and find the best spots just for you. 

Spend your time
vacationing not researching

Hotel or B&B? Local diner or fancy restaurant? Bus or Uber? You shouldn’t spend hours planning only to learn the information you found was old, sponsored, or just simply bad. Work with us to plan your ideal San Francisco trip and get back hours of your time.

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Travel ethically

We understand that traveling impacts our surroundings, even when we least realize it. We want to help you travel ethically through supporting local businesses, understanding your destination's history, and immersing yourself in its culture. The more we know, the better travelers we are.

What you get

Personalized guide for your trip

Unique activities only the locals know

Custom playlist to put you in the mood of the city

Suggested book to read of the city to feel it’s soul

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Insider recommendations of where to eat, stay, and see

How best to get around and a brief history of the city


Avoid the tourists
and tourist

Socks with sandals, restaurants with “local flare,” and trinket gift shops--we can all agree should be wiped off the planet. We’ll make sure you never see any of this with our custom guides by our locals. Let us send you to where the locals go for the best things to do, eat, and see.

Feel like you’re a local

You should feel something when you travel. No, not the expensive tourist food that’s about to run right through you. Be a part of the city. Experience everything from the cold beer at the local dive bar to the white tablecloths of a Michelin starred restaurant.

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How it works

Fill in a short questionnaire telling us about your likes and interests.

We’ll develop you a personalized guidebook with the best secret spots and recommendations.

Enjoy your trip and have a peace of mind that you will have a great vacation.



  • How does the process for my personalized custom guide work?
    After you checkout, you will receive a short questionnaire for you to fill out via email. Once we understand your budget, likes/dislikes, travel style, etc. we put together your personalized guide within 24-48 hours. If you have anything on your guide you don’t like please let us know and we’ll be happy to swap them out.
  • How do you make sure you have the best information and guides?
    We use a variety of locals coming from all different backgrounds to put together a consensus of what Virgil deems is best. They not only have different backgrounds but personally enjoy finding the best places for food, culture, and sites.
  • Why should I pay for information I can find online?
    We love to travel but there comes to planning it can be serious work. Global websites. Local websites. Instagram pages. Twitter feeds. Yelp/Google. Where do you start and stop? There is too much information out there and the vast majority of it is bad, outdated, or not what you were looking for. We cut through all of that and give exactly what you are looking for. With the extra time
  • What happens if I don’t like a recommendation in my guide?
    No problem! Just email us back and we’ll try to understand what you didn’t like to find a better recommendation for you.
  • What makes us different from others companies or travel agencies?
    Our focus is to ensure you have the best travel experience and nothing else. This means no “experts” that have only traveled to a city once, no kickbacks from other companies, and no high prices.
  • Do you make reservations for me?
    We do not and it’s for your benefit. By allowing us to focus on the guide we’re allowed to pass on the savings to you. Making reservations is also easy for most people. Book your flight, hotel, and a nice restaurant and 9/10 people are ready for their trip. If any trouble comes up we also aren’t a middle man that’s creating more trouble than solutions.
  • Will you answer questions after I receive my guide?
    Absolutely! Give us 24 hours to get back with you but we’re happy to answer any questions.
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Stay up to date with the best trip ideas for your vacation in San Francisco!

Thanks for submitting!

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