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Top Instagram Worthy Spots In San Francisco, Recommended By Locals

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Why Virgil?

Planning your trip just got a lot easier. Rather than spending hours digging through websites and reviews, to then run into crowds and expensive tourist traps. Get the inside scoop on the best and most loved experiences by city locals themselves.


Virgil uses real locals to recommend and curate only the best travel experiences. With the cities you visit always changing, consider our locals the perfect experts to provide you with the most up to date information.


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Other travelers are getting Gram-worthy shots at these local recommended spots in San Francisco

Get to know San Francisco like a local by visiting some of their unique places to get a picture. Here are just a few that we think you might be love

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Patrick's Pick

Balmy Alley

Neighborhood - Mission

This hidden alley in the heart of the Mission shows the history and challenges of the largely Latino community. Vibrant colors and new art makes this a must see.


Coit Tower

Neighborhood - Telegraph Hill

Seen in films like Vertigo, Clint Eastwood in The Enforcer, and The Rock this is a San Francisco classic. Hike up to the top for an unbelievable view.


Lombard Street

Neighborhood - Russian Hill

While Lombard Street is very well known if you can visit during working hours you can have the street to yourself to drive or walk down to see the beautiful trees and flowers.


Palace of Fine Arts

Neighborhood - Marina

Rome? Sorry... Rome? Sorry... Rome? Originally built in 1915 it has been rebuilt to last for decades to come. The structures are so massive and gorgeous many take their wedding photos here.

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San Francisco Summary
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After grinding it at work during COVID all I wanted was some good live music, cocktails, and fantastic food while avoiding the tourist traps. That's exactly what I got when I worked through Virgil!

Alan T.


I always spent hours trying to figure out where I wanted to go and what I'd feel comfortable with while traveling alone. Patrick and Virgil helped me plan my perfect solo travel and met fantastic people! Definitely will be back!

Nia J.


It can be a challenge to find what events are going on in a city while I'm traveling. Patrick sent me some fantastic small concerts and vintage fairs to check out. If you haven't used Virgil I highly recommend it!

Jared P.


  • How does the process for my personalized custom guide work?
    After you checkout, you will receive a short questionnaire for you to fill out via email. Once we understand your budget, likes/dislikes, travel style, etc. we put together your personalized guide within 24-48 hours. If you have anything on your guide you don’t like please let us know and we’ll be happy to swap them out.
  • How do you make sure you have the best information and guides?
    We use a variety of locals coming from all different backgrounds to put together a consensus of what Virgil deems is best. They not only have different backgrounds but personally enjoy finding the best places for food, culture, and sites.
  • Why should I pay for information I can find online?
    We love to travel but there comes to planning it can be serious work. Global websites. Local websites. Instagram pages. Twitter feeds. Yelp/Google. Where do you start and stop? There is too much information out there and the vast majority of it is bad, outdated, or not what you were looking for. We cut through all of that and give exactly what you are looking for. With the extra time
  • What happens if I don’t like a recommendation in my guide?
    No problem! Just email us back and we’ll try to understand what you didn’t like to find a better recommendation for you.
  • What makes us different from others companies or travel agencies?
    Our focus is to ensure you have the best travel experience and nothing else. This means no “experts” that have only traveled to a city once, no kickbacks from other companies, and no high prices.
  • Do you make reservations for me?
    We do not and it’s for your benefit. By allowing us to focus on the guide we’re allowed to pass on the savings to you. Making reservations is also easy for most people. Book your flight, hotel, and a nice restaurant and 9/10 people are ready for their trip. If any trouble comes up we also aren’t a middle man that’s creating more trouble than solutions.
  • Will you answer questions after I receive my guide?
    Absolutely! Give us 24 hours to get back with you but we’re happy to answer any questions.

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